Anger and Anger Management

Anger is a normal human response which helps us protect ourselves from aggresssors or perceived aggression. However, out of control anger or inappropriate anger can cause negative responses not only from loved ones and friends, but at work and in general society.

Issues for Anger Management Counselling

Anger • Outbursts of Rage • Irritibility • Abuse
Verbal Attacks • Physical Attacks
Violence • Anger at Self
Unexpressed Anger • Anger at work

What is Counselling and Psychotherapy for Anger Management ?

Counselling and Psychotherapy for anger involves looking at the causes of anger or rage. Whilst there might be something or someone in your life currently causing you to feel excessively angry, the root of this extreme feeling will be found in the past, some form of abuse, control or how the way you were treated in your childhood by parents, siblings or significant others has affected you. Anger management counselling can help you to understand the causes of your anger and help you to manage your anger levels so you can lead a less confrontational life minimising the harm you can cause to yourself and others.

What are the Benefits of Anger Management Counselling?

Exploring and the root causes of your anger, rage or irritability.
Gain self-understanding and insight into your feelings and thoughts that contribute to the to the anger and or rage.

Help Identify the triggers that cause you to lose your temper of fly into a rage.
Develop coping strategies to manage situations that provoke or trigger your anger.
Learn long term solutions and tools to coping with long-term anger provoking situations.

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