Anxiety is an instinctual human response we all experience to a greater or lesser degree throughout our life. It can be caused by a build-up of stress, the fear of losing someone close to us, threatening situations, aggressive behaviour towards us, fear of failure, perfornance anxiety and so on. Or it can be something more unconscious that causes us to feel fearful or panicky without quite knowing why.

A lot of anxiety is caused by association from a past traumatic experience that has lodged in our unconscious mind. For instance, if your father was cruel to you, you might feel anxious in the presence of men, if you performed badly in your last job, you might find yourself feeling anxious in your current job, if you had a car accident you might now find driving stressful. anxious feelings can produce unpleasant physical side effects such as sweating, trembling, inability of sleep, upset tummy, tension, panic attacks and a desire to avoid the situation/person that is causing the anxiety.

Counselling and psychotherapy can be very helpful in establishing the root cause of why you feel anxious and in finding ways to manage these uncomfortable, and sometimes frightening feelings. You can explore the causes of your anxiety such as stress caused by work, financial difficulties, relationships, bullying, shyness, social anxiety, performance anxiety, sexual anxiety, tendency to worry a lot, low-self esteem, fear of abandonment, anxiety over illness, death and more.

What are the Benefits of Anxiety Counselling?

. Find out the underlying causes of your stress and anxiety

. Gain self-understanding and insight into your anxiety and what triggers it off.

. Look at the feelings, thoughts and behaviours that make up your feelings
of anxiety or stress

. Develop coping strategies to manage panic attacks or deal with stress

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