Abuse can come in many forms from emotional abuse such as bullying, taunting, feeling put down by someone or over-controlled by them, to physical abuse such as being beaten up, hit, tortured, hurt and so forth. None of it is acceptable and causes great distress and fear which can lead to anxiety, depression, and injury.

Abuse counselling allows you to talk about the distressing events that happened in the past or present in a safe, confidential and sympathetic space. Counselling can gently help you come to terms with what happened to you, to release the difficult feelings around your abuse in a contained and safe way, allowing you to gradually heal and find ways to assert yourself, release yourself from an abusive relationship and build better relationships in the future. You can be helped and supported so that you don’t have to struggle alone with the distress and difficulties your abuse has caused you.

Abuse counselling enables you to be able to talk in a safe and confidential space about what has been kept secret for so long; to gain self-understanding and insight into happened to you and how it affects you in the present; to learn how to deal with bullying and become more assertive and to improve your sexual and emotional relationships with others.

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