Sexual problems can manifest in a physical or emotional way, but very often they have a psychological base. Sexual problems can cause much personal distress to the individual as well as their partner and can often lead to the break-up of relationships or loneliness and isolation.

Psycho-sexual counselling will help you by exploring with you and establishing the root causes of your sexual difficulties whether they are based on a childhood experience, difficulties in your initial sexual encounters as a young person, how your childhood affected you or whether there is something happening in your current life or relationships that is causing you to feel lacking in confidence, loss of libido, confused sexuality, stress, anxiety, performance anxiety, issues around intimacy for yourself or your partner, depression, medication, boredom or other difficulties in your relationship or life that are contributing to your sexual problems.

There are many types of sexual problem, including loss of sexual desire, vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, difficulty in reaching orgasm, confused sexuality, fear of sexual intercourse, fear of women, fear of men, and related issues. Sexual counselling will help you work through the difficulties you are experiencing by establishing firstly the root causes, gain insight and develop techniques for over-coming your sexual difficulties.

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