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Sometimes we feel troubled, depressed or confused and need someone to talk to who will listen to us without judgement or criticism and who won’t bring their own feelings or opinions into the mix. As an experienced and sympathetic Couple Counsellor, Individual Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I can offer you an objective and confidential space to explore your issues and difficult feelings. I work near Camborne, St Ives and Helston.

You may be suffering from Depression or Anxiety which has built up over a long period of time and you feel you can no longer go on like this. Perhaps your marriage is breaking down or you are having difficulties with your relationship or family. Or maybe you are in crisis, a tragedy has occurred or you have lost someone dear to you.
Perhaps you are very stressed, can’t cope with a situation at work or have financial problems. Maybe you are drinking or eating too much and worried that this has become unmanageable or is out of control. Perhaps you have been abused as a child or adult and feel too scared or ashamed to tell anyone.
Or maybe you have simply lost your way, and just do not know what to do next, which way to turn or just can’t make an important decision. Life throws us many challenges and sometimes we become overwhelmed and feel we just cannot cope with anymore. Whatever the problem or issue I can help.

Initially, I will offer you an appointment in person to assess with you what the issues are that are troubling you. You need to email me or phone me to make an appointment. I work from 10am until 7pm and offer either Couple Counselling for relationship and marriage problems, Individual one to one Counselling for personal problems and issues, and more in depth Psychotherapy for those interested in long term self-growth, development and awareness. I offer either short term or long term counselling and psychotherapy and specialise in Couple Counselling and relationship problems. Currently I work near Truro, St. Ives and Penzance. But I am not far from most places in Mid Cornwall and West Cornwall. Individual counselling costs 50 an hour and sessions last 55 minutes, Couple Counselling costs 75 and lasts 1 hour 25 minutes.

Counselling can help you deal with the difficulties you encounter with life and within relationships. Psychotherapy can help you identify what are your inner issues and those that sabotage your life or make you behave in a way that is not helpful to yourself or your relationships with others. Psychotherapy looks at your inner world, counselling at the outer world and how it affects you. I tend to offer a combination of counselling and psychotherapy depending on what the issues are. And also Life coaching and Solution Based Therapy.

Couple Counselling or as it was called Marriage Guidance is about looking at your trouble relationship with me with an objective eye, exploring how the two of you have ‘evolved’ the relationship in to what it is today from the first day you fell in love until the present. It is not about the counsellor taking sides or telling either one of you how you are in the wrong but working the three of us together to explore the dynamics between the two of you and how your issues from childhood, previous experiences of intimate relationships and strongly held family views affect your current relationship.
Some people don’t know how to be in relationship how to love or be intimate. Others have had abusive childhoods and this affects how they treat their partners. Some couples are unable to stop arguing or are fighting for power within the relationship. Others have been unfaithful but want to stay together and work through this. Perhaps there have been difficulties conceiving a child or in fact the couple are finding it difficult to cope with having children. Often there are sexual difficulties. Whatever the problem I can help you.

If you would like further information or would like to book an appointment with me, either phone me on 07711039705 or email me at info@juliapikal.net

About Me

I am a qualified Psychotherapist and Counsellor working near Truro, St Ives & Penzance. I am a registered member of U.K.C.P. I work with both individuals and couples, specialising in helping those with relationship problems, low-self esteem, anxiety and depression. I also offer a more life coaching approach to Counselling.

My Psychotherapy and counselling training was integrative and transpersonal,which means it included most psychotherapy / counselling approaches and theories, as well as a spiritual and more empathetic way of offering help to those who come to see me. This is very helpful as it means that I can work with you in a very individual way using different approaches to suit you best. But most of all I believe that treating someone with warmth, respect and acceptance without judgement or criticism, allows the person to explore and work through what are sometimes painful or difficult feelings. I will not treat you as a case but as a person.

Psychotherapy and counselling can change your life and enable you to
manage difficult feelings, relate better to others, resolve family issues
and free you from anxiety and depression. I can help you be the person you
really are, free of the obstacles that have caused you difficulties in your
life and stopped you from moving forward. Counselling and psychotherapy can
be a transformational experience. I can help you change your life

Areas of psychotherapy and counselling I deal with:

Depression, Anxiety,Stress, Panic Attacks, Work related issues,
Redundancy, Career Counselling, Relationship Issues, Couple Counselling,
Psychosexual Issues, Sexual Problems, Sexual Abuse, Abuse, Low Self Esteem,
Low Self-Confidence, Eating Disorders, Anger Management,
Phobias, Bereavement, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Julia Pikal Counsellor & Psychotherapist. Counselling and Psychotherapy near St Ives, Redruth, Cambourne, Hayle, Mid Cornwall, West Cornwall.

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